Sunday, August 30, 2009

Images of Illawarra non-air coal wagons

An original South Bulli Colliery wagon quietly rotting to the west of Princes Highway, just inside the colliery property. Although this (and other shots of the same wagon) were taken almost 20 years ago, it's still there - silently rotting, although now almost surrounded by trees.

Me standing beside the same wagon. Note it has an additional hungry board not shown in the B&W image below (middle wagon). It was also fitted with split-spoke wheels.

My wife, Faye, standing at the end of the same wagon. Note the fabricated Turton-style buffers. These appear to have been fitted later in the wagon's working life, as many of this size had simple dumb buffers at the outset.

A South Bulli Colliery publicity shot from the early 20th Century. The middle wagon has dumb buffers, and the wagon at the extreme right is one of the original back box wagons. Note the oval registration plate on the wagon in the foreground - enabling this and others so fitted to operate over government lines.

The open chute of the South Bulli wagon.

The sole remaining, preserved Corrimal wagon. Some basic work had been done by the time this shot was taken. The wagon now rests outside Bulli railway station, along with one of the South Bulli steam locos and an original brake van.

The delicate details of the sole remaining Southern Coal Co iron wagon now displayed in the church yard at Mt Kembla. Note the split-spoke wheels and wooden brake block.

The same wagon, showing its side and end details. Note the brake lever that could be pinned in any number of positions.

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